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Laws in Texas that mention Cocaine

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the potential criminal penalties you could face if convicted of a drug crime. Considering that cocaine is defined as a controlled substance under federal law, it’s no surprise that it’s also highly controlled in the state of Texas. There are a whole host of crimes you can get charged with regarding controlled substances. Learn more about these different crimes below.

What does the law in Texas say about cocaine?

Cocaine-related arrests vary in severity. Sometimes, the charge is considered a felony offense, while at other times you may only face a misdemeanor. In general, the seriousness of a charge hinges on whether the accused had the substance, how much they had, and other circumstances like any drug paraphernalia police discovered at the scene.

Types of cocaine crimes in Texas

Before the accused can come up with a solid drug crime defense strategy, they need to understand the exact charges against them. Here are just a few types of cocaine crimes in Texas:

• Possession
• Possession with the intent to sell
• Sale of a controlled substance
• Drug trafficking
• Possession of drug paraphernalia
• Drug manufacturing

Each of these crimes comes with different penalties and potential sentences. In general, possession is the least severe charge, and it’s the easiest to prove in the courtroom.

Can you get a DWI while high on cocaine?

While DUI and DWIs are often associated with alcohol, Texans can also get charged with a DWI if police have reason to believe that they were driving while high on cocaine. A first-time DWI is usually considered a misdemeanor. Still, the exact charges will depend on different factors, such as whether you were in possession of cocaine or cocaine-related paraphernalia.