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The impact of a DUI or DWI on insurance prices

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Drunk Driving

Driving drunk on Texas roads is a serious matter. In addition to putting the driver at risk for fines and possible jail time, it can seriously endanger the lives of other drivers, pedestrians and passengers. Therefore, it is not surprising that when a person gets charged with this crime it can impact their car insurance.

DUIs and insurance rates

The amount that a DUI increases the cost of auto insurance varies based on the number of times that a person gets arrested for the crime, the state they are in and their insurance carrier. On average, full coverage insurance increases by 83% after DUI.

Another factor that will influence premium rates is the age of the driver. Car insurance companies already see younger drivers as a risk. Underage drivers who get a DUI could see a larger rate increase than their older counterparts.

In addition to the number of drunk driving or drug crime convictions that a person has had, the time since their last conviction will influence insurance rates. Insurance companies usually judge a person’s driving record based on the past three to five years.

How insurance companies get informed of DUIs

When renewing an insurance policy, insurance companies will review a driver’s record to determine the new quote, which may reveal recent DUI or DWI convictions. Concealing such convictions from an insurance company is nearly impossible. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may notify the insurer even before the driver’s next renewal. The DMV might also request the insurer to file an SR 22 or FR 44 form on the driver’s behalf.

Although coping with increased rates that often accompany a DUI or DWI can be frustrating, maintaining a clean driving record for a period of time could eventually result in a return to normal insurance costs.