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Don’t attempt to trick a breath test device

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Drunk Driving

Attempting to trick a breath test device is not only an approach to a stressful situation that is bound to be ineffective, but it is also an approach that features significant legal and practical risks. 

Breath test devices, used by law enforcement to measure blood alcohol content (BAC) during DUI stops, are designed to be highly accurate and resistant to manipulation. Trying to fool one won’t work and may get you in trouble. 

Ineffectiveness of common myths

Numerous myths claim that certain actions can fool a breath test, but these are largely unfounded. For example, some believe that using mouthwash or breath fresheners can hide alcohol levels. However, many of these products contain alcohol themselves, which can lead to even higher BAC readings rather than lower ones.

Another common myth is that eating food before a breath test can absorb alcohol and reduce BAC. While food can slow the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, it cannot remove alcohol already present in the body. Breath tests measure alcohol in the air from the lungs, not the stomach, making this method ineffective. This is the same reason why holding coins – or other objects – in one’s mouth will not affect readings in one’s lungs. 

Additionally, holding your breath can actually increase BAC readings, as it allows more time for alcohol to be absorbed into the breath. Hyperventilating might cause minor fluctuations but is unlikely to significantly alter the outcome and can be easily detected by officers.

Why attempting to trick a test can make things worse

Modern breath test devices are equipped with advanced technology to ensure accuracy and reliability. If motorists are caught attempting to manipulate the results of a test, they can face specifically related to this misconduct, in addition to any other charges they may face related to impaired driving. 

Ultimately, the most effective way to avoid a DUI charge is not to drink and drive. But if you do find yourself stopped for suspected drunk driving – whether due to a mistake or misunderstanding – know that there are better ways of fighting back against the potential consequences you’re facing than trying to fool a breath test. Seeking personalized legal guidance is generally the best way to start.