You Want the Lawyer Everyone Knows 

A Criminal Defense Litigator With Decades Of Experience

The moment you believe the state is investigating you for a crime – or if you have already been charged and arrested – you need the help of an attorney. At Seiler Rapp & Guerra, criminal defense attorney Michael T. Seiler has decades of combined experience protecting Montgomery County clients from serious allegations.

There are few criminal charges we cannot handle. Just a few of the cases we accept include:

He does not back down when it comes to standing up against overzealous prosecution. You are not alone in the fight for your innocence – our team is standing alongside you.

Fighting For Your Freedom In Court

With so much at stake, we are prepared to litigate a case before a judge or jury if necessary. This often gives us an upper hand when it comes to negotiating a favorable plea bargain, as the state usually does not want to expend resources on a lengthy trial. We leave no stone unturned, from hiring expert witnesses to uncovering details that might exonerate you.

A Former Prosecutor Who Can Defend You

One of our co-founders, Michael T. Seiler, formerly served as a Texas state prosecutor and judge, presiding over nearly 300 cases in his time on the bench. This experience gives him firsthand insight into how the other side builds its case against you. With his insight, we understand the counter-strategies that give you a strong chance at an acquittal or a mitigated sentence.

We Have Seen Both Sides Of Cases

As a former prosecutor, Michael T. Seiler knows how law enforcement builds cases against people. His background means that he never for a moment holds back your case. Because of his time as a judge, Michael T. Seiler has a unique understanding of the courts in the Woodlands area.

We understand that prosecutors only have so many cases they can handle. A tough, time-consuming case is much more likely to be unappetizing to them, and that’s how our firm proceeds for our clients. Our lawyers challenge evidence, witness testimony, arrest procedure and any other aspect of the case against you. We stand up against overzealous prosecution and underprepared cases in court.

Begin Your Defense Immediately

Do not make the mistake of waiting to contact a lawyer. Get in touch with Seiler Rapp & Guerra as soon as you can so we can begin constructing your criminal defense. To schedule an initial consultation, please call our Woodlands office at 346-413-6009 or send us an email.