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Appeals And Expungement Mean Your Case Is Not Over Yet

Your criminal arrest and conviction record will last longer than your sentence. Even if you have served your sentence, the conviction can stop you from passing background checks or holding a certain position.

Pursuing an expunction under Texas law is complicated, but it is possible. Attorney Michael T. Seiler has successfully helped many clients from around The Woodlands expunge their records and appeal their convictions.

Expunction Services From A Former Prosecutor

The complexity of pursuing an expunction is nothing to ignore. There are many conditions that apply, and the rules are exacting. However, under the right conditions, with the proper guidance, your conviction and all arrest records do not have to follow you.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Michael T. Seiler is intimately familiar with these matters. He can educate you on what you need to know about the process and pursue this with skill and insight.

Appeals Representation From A Former State Judge

Often we think of a conviction as the final word on a matter, but it is not. No matter the charge, there are often grounds to pursue an appeal. Your conviction is not necessarily final, and in a serious charge such as a sex crime, you cannot afford to simply accept the results.

As a former state judge, Michael T. Seiler understands the appeals process from a helpful perspective. Building a convincing argument in an appeal is all about presenting a compelling argument to a judge. Mr. Seiler has precisely the right experience with these situations to make a difference for you.

You Can Protect Your Future

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