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Violent Crimes Have Serious Consequences

When police arrest you on violent charges, you’re under the most extreme pressure you’ve ever faced. However, an arrest for a crime is not yet a conviction. With a strong defense, the charge may not go any further.

Attorney Michael T.  Seiler, founder of Seiler Rapp & Guerra is a lawyer who works hard to protect his clients from The Woodlands. He works directly with you to understand what struggles are ahead and how he can help. He crafts a tailor-made defense for your case.

Skilled. Aggressive. Attentive.

What sets Michael T. Seiler apart is that he has extensive experience as a prosecutor in Texas. He has seen how the prosecution builds a case in violent crimes such as:

  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Rape
  • Manslaughter
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping

He knows what to expect and how to counter it, both before and during a trial.

As a former state judge, he has insight into approaching the case in the courtroom and what works in front of a jury. He can efficiently form a strategy designed to protect your rights.

High-Stakes Charges Call For Confident Defense

Violent charges include the steepest penalties under Texas law, up to the death penalty. However, your conviction requires the prosecution to prove you committed the crime beyond a jury’s reasonable doubt. This is an extremely high bar to clear.

You have the right to a vigorous criminal defense, no matter what charges you face. Contact Seiler Rapp & Guerra to learn how attorney Michael T. Seiler will build a case to protect your rights. Call 346-413-6009 or send an email to get started.