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Poll indicates crime prevention works better than punishment

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Stories about widespread crime are prevalent in Texas. Yet many Americans across the country prefer a prevention policy instead of a get-tough-on-crime policy supported by many politicians. A recent poll explains the reasons why people support this stance.

Poll shows more incarceration is not the answer

A 2023 poll by the organization VeraAction indicated that voters across all political spectrums believe that many politicians are out of step with criminal defense issues and what it takes to keep people safe. Many believe that American law enforcement and the courts simply react to economic instability, substance abuse and mental illness instead of tackling the root of these problems. Instead of simply convicting and incarcerating these people, the poll shows that most Americans believe that proven alternative solutions such as better healthcare and education, sending the correct first responders to deal with tricky situations and similar moves would reduce crime.

The information released by VeraAction showed that 66% of voters aged 18 to 35 support a prevention-first approach to crime. Younger voters were more likely to feel this way than older voters. People of color said this problem is particularly evident in their communities, with 65% of Black and 53% of Latino voters saying they preferred a crime prevention approach.

Dealing with overzealous prosecution

Many prosecutors try to push cases through the courts because the state of Texas does not have the resources for a lengthy trial in most cases. This scenario can often work in defendants’ favor in many cases, as they may be able to work out a plea bargain as part of their criminal defense strategy when working with the court, especially when mitigating factors such as mental health may have factored into an arrest.

Preparing a solid defense is your best tactic for staying out of jail. Gathering solid evidence that backs up your position, including witness testimony, arrest procedure or other questionable factors in your case, can possibly lead to a reduction in charges or even having the case dismissed.