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Reliable Legal Guidance For Probate, Estate Planning And Guardianships

Navigating probate or establishing a guardianship is immensely stressful. You can make the process much simpler and avoid errors by hiring a knowledgeable attorney. Our team at Seiler Rapp & Guerra has helped many people throughout Montgomery County with every aspect of probating an estate and creating or managing guardianships. Even though these two areas are often emotionally painful, our reliable attorneys are prepared to assist you through every step. With decades of combined experience, we know how best to advocate for your best interests as we help with all your legal challenges.

Steadfast, Experienced Probate Advocacy

Probate is the process in which the court oversees the administration of the estate of a deceased person. Even if the decedent has a will, trust and other documents in place, probate can become exceedingly complicated – especially if a beneficiary or other interested party has a dispute. We have probate lawyers who have in-depth experience assisting executors, trustees, personal representatives and other individuals who need trustworthy representation during probate. If a dispute arises, our experienced litigators can advocate for you in court.

Attorney Kenna M. Seiler has over 30 years of litigation experience, including probate matters. She understands both the law and what is in the best interest of you and your family.

Understanding Guardianships In Texas

Guardianships require probate attorneys because they are a matter handled in probate courts. A guardianship allows the court to designate a guardian to care for and manage the finances of an incapacitated person. Securing a guardianship involves filing a petition with the court and attending a hearing with the state-appointed attorney of the potential ward. Sometimes, a lawyer is also necessary to challenge a guardianship or to adjust the terms of the arrangement.

Seek Our Reliable Counsel For These Difficult Processes

We understand that both probate and guardianship often involve conflicting emotions. In addition to our outstanding skill, you can rely on our utmost respect during a trying time. To discuss representation, please call our Woodlands office at 346-413-6009 or send us an email.