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You Deserve A Vigorous Drug Crime Defense

Drug law in Texas is strict and drug charges carry significant penalties at the state and federal levels. When you face charges that substantial, you need a defense that will fight hard for your freedom.

Michael T. Seiler, the founding attorney of Seiler Rapp & Guerra, will fight for you. As a lawyer, he has defended clients from The Woodlands and all over Texas in many criminal charges. He can efficiently review your case and build a defense designed to stand up against the prosecution in a drug case.

What Are The Penalties For Drug Charges In Texas?

The penalties for drug charges depend on numerous factors, including the type of drug – such as marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamine – quantity, and previous convictions. However, the charges you may face in Texas largely fall under three categories:

  • Drug Manufacturing charges: The creation of drugs such as methamphetamine in a lab or the cultivation of marijuana or other narcotics.
  • Drug Possession charges: Physically possessing any amount of illicit, illegal drugs on your person or property.
  • Drug Trafficking charges: Transporting drugs across state or international borders

Texas pursues these charges doggedly. It takes a formidable defense team to fight for your rights.

Defense At The Federal Level

Often, federal authorities can often involve themselves in drug crime prosecution and investigation. If a charge is significant enough to bring the attention of a federal charge, attorney Michael T. Seiler is able to defend you there as well. These are extremely difficult charges, but you will have a dedicated lawyer on your side at every step.

A Former Prosecutor Fighting For You

As a former state judge and prosecutor, attorney Michael T. Seiler has the insight into the criminal justice process to fight for you. He knows how prosecutors build their cases in drug charges. He knows how to approach a judge and jury to win them over.

His skill in the courtroom will make a difference for you. Call 346-413-6009 or send an email to get started.